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10 Business you can invest on/ do in lagos

Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria, a state that accommodates the head quarter of many industries and the rate of job provided and created in Lagos is far beyond any state on Nigeria.

Despite the huge opportunity in Lagos, Many are still finding it difficult to start a good or profitable business. So..we have run the nooks and crannies of Lagos and we have been able to come up with many productive Business opportunity in Lagos you can invest in today.

Provision and sales store: These is a fast growing Business in Lagos and other part of Nigeria and without doubt it’s a business that enjoy a huge patronage and finding a good location will be an added advantage to reach your potential customers.

Bakery: lagosians consume alot of bread daily and investing in bakery is a step in the right direction. If you can produce a good bread, safe for human consumption, you will soon run out of stock on your mission to satisfy your customer demands.

Transportation: Lagos is high industrial and on daily basis, people convey to their respective offices and the road transportation is the most used means of transportation.

You will be making a reasonable income if you invest on transportation business in Lagos

Laundry service: Wash and get paid which is known as laundry service is another big opportunity for those who wish to make decent income .

Electronics: we all need television, radio,generator in our various homes and electronic business is another thriving business in Lagos.

Male and females Wears: we all need cloth to look good and Lagos is known to be the home of great design. The sales on clothing and shoes is very high in Lagos.

Sales of computer and mobile accessories: the computer village in Ikeja rake millions of naira in a Day and a lot of buyers come from different states to buy and getting a shop to sell phone and laptop accessories is a definitely a good investment in lagos

Gas refill: you can refill home gas and make a decent income from doing so.

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