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10 profitable Business you can combine with schooling

.Making money while pursuing Bsc or HND is a good thing and there a lot of things you will need to take care of with cash as a student and having a business that fetch you a reasonable income will surely reduce the burden on you and your sponsor. You will have much more to spend on yourself and school bills..

Even thought combining activities with a side job is not an easy task but the end will surely paid off. Running a business while in school will also prepare your for the task ahead as a future entrepreneur. The rate of unemployment is quite alarming and crafting a business venture for yourself is a step in the right directions.

10 profitable Business you can combine with schooling

Hair making


Event planning

Fashion designer


Phone and laptop Repair

Article writing


Tutorial classes


You must have been skilled in any of the above profession before you can venture into it.. These jobs are in high demand and it require little or no capital.

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