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10 things you must have before you move to your new house

You need to have some basic things before moving to your new house to ensure you have a maximum comfort.

Building a house or getting a new apartment is a level up In standard of leaving of a man in a city or rural area and no one can live in an empty house. There is need to equip your new house with some necessary items to enable you have maximum comfort.

The more money you spend In getting this items, the more comfort you will have in your new house. No amount of money will ever be enough to give you everything you want but having enough will surely give most of what you will need.

10 things you must have before you move to your new house

1) A working generator/solar or inverter: generator is an alternative power supply system to electricity and having one will surely give you the privileges of having electricity whenever you need it.

2) water supply system: you need a functional water system in your new house , water is needed everyday for so many things.

3) Chair: you will not want your visitors or family to seat on the floor and having a chair in your new house will give your you and visitor a sitting comfort.

4) TV/decoder: many homes are now equipped with different kinds of decoder to keep us entertained… All thanks to the friendly price provided by the decoder operators .

5) Cooking gas and cylinder: human eat everyday and it’s rare not to enter your kitchen in a day..having a cooking utensils is a need and not a want except you want to eat outside your home for the rest of your life.

6) fridge and freezer: you will nevee want to have a taste of a hot drink if you coming from a scorching sun and having a cold water or chilled drink to take at that point in time will cool you body feel much more better. Preserving you foods items will also be made easy when you have a functional fridge or freezer at home

7) curtain: have you ever how your will appear without a curtain… You surely need one to make your house better.

8) bed : after all it’s done, the bed will accept you body in any state…either tired or not.. Sick or well. You need a bed to relax and sleep for your body to preside for the next day.

9) plates and buckets:

10) mobile phone: moving to a news house or apartment, you will need to get many things done and having a phone with you will make your task more easier to accomplish…

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