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7 best jeans for Nigerian Men

.Search no more if what you actually need is a unique jeans for that occasion you want to attend. Qualify jeans bring out the beauty in your dressing and will make you bright and elegant . I present to your 7 good jeans design you can count on anytime any day .

1. Distressed Jeans

Distressed jeans are ‘distressed’ just like its name, it comes with rips, seemingly lacklustre colour, some with a ‘rustic’ feel to it but don’t be fooled, they make bold statement anytime. Choose the style/fit of distressed you are fine with. Some go for slight rips while some go all out distressed and ‘worn’ looking.

2. Slimfit/skinny Jeans

Slimfit or skinny jeans are perfect for people who’ve got amazing shape especially, the snugfit it features comes perfect and without making it the right bottom fit under any look (top).

3. Harem Jeans

One hottest trend right now is the harem styled denim. The effortless slouchy and relaxed fit it comes in is perfect for achieving a chic, modern look. It’s a must have style for the adventurous dresser.

4. Bootcut Jeans

These jeans aren’t going anywhere, they bring just the right amount of drama to any look. They have a flattering flare and fit that makes them safe enough to go with just about any top.

5. Vintage high waist/boyfriend/girlfriend jeans

The vintage styled high waist jeans is one to one, it falls slightly in the fit the boyfriend jeans come in. They are the ‘old school’/Levi kind of waist fit but there’s something bold about them. It’s not a look for the ‘safe’, only the bold and stylish people can pull of this look.

6. Cigarette fit with frayed hem/faux trims

The cigarette aka nice, modern fit on jeans are hot these days but come hotter with details like frayed hems, fringes, leather trims and so on. This is also a look for the bold/adventurous.

7. Graphic/customised/embellished jeans

Graphic details on jeans are super hot right now. Get a splash of colour or sparkly etc embellishment on jeans and see heads turn your way when you step into a room!

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