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All you need to know About Jamb Mock Exam

.Jamb mock exam was design to give candidate an insight as to what the main exam will appear. For those who have not participated in jamb in the past.. The mock exam will enlighten you and will make the main exam look familiar.

The benefit of Jamb Mock Exam

You will get use to the CBT platform

You will get to know the formation of selecting answer to question

You will get know about moving from one question to the other

You will also know about time management

You will also know about submission and adhering to jamb exam rules..


The jamb mock exam is not meant for everyone and only those that select Mock exam in the option provided during registration will he eligible to take part in the exam.

Missing the Jamb Mock Exam

Based on our previous finding… Misusing the mock exam does not have any effect on the Main exam and you should be tooworried if you will not be able to take part in the exam.

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