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How to get a cheap land in Nigeria

How to get and buy a cheap land in Nigeria

The information provided here will stand as a guide for those who wish to buy land at a cheaper rate in Nigeria..

Acquiring a land in Nigeria can be for various reasons which is not limited to housing,farming,poultry and also for investment purposes. the prices of land varies from one location to the other and the location of the land will determine the value price.

land is one of the few investments that appreciate all the time and the older a land becomes, the more the value increases. getting a land in lagos,abuja or enugu will be more expensive compare to the cost of land in osun state, aanambra or kano state and the major determinants is the location. A land that is more closer to the dual carriage road or at the centre of the city will be valued at a higher price compare to the land in a rural area/community.

factors that increases the price and value of land


Closeness to major road

Good road network

Water supply

Human Popular

Business opportunity

How to get a Cheap land

Before dishing out cash to buy a land, there is need for you to ensure you are paying for a genuine land and once you confirm this you can process to pay for the land.

Buy a land in a developing area: cost of Acquiring a land in developed and a developing area differs and it will be very cheaper in an area that is still developing. A settlement area sometime take between 5 to 20 years to attained full development and if you have a low budget to acquire a land… It night be the best option thrown at you.

Buy a land based on movement and location of people: people tends to buy land which are more closer to the city due to the likely rate of having a large number of settlements within a short period. Buying a land closer to a city at a cheaper rate is wise decision with a likely possibility that the are will become an urban are within few years.

Buy directly from the land owner. Buying from an agent or sales rep will cost you extra cash and it’s best to buy directly from the owner to ensure you get a good price deal.

Buy for the future: some land can be acquire at a very low price and a meanjnful development might take 29 years or more.. If age is still on your side and you have the patience to wait, you can Always acquire such land whenever the opportunities comes.

The price and location of land will determine either it’s sold at a cheaper or expensive rate and whenever you want to pay for a land…ensure you get exactly what you need to suit your desired purpose…..

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