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How to know original Power bank for your mobile phone

This is a guide on how to get a good power bank and what you need to watch out for before you part away with your money

The unstable electricity condition in the county has made the usage of power bank relevant and the chances of finding one or more power bank in any household is 80%. Power banks provides alternative power source to charge phone at a cheaper cost compare to other alternatives.

There are many fake power bank that have circulated the Nigeria market, a visit the biggest mobile and computer market in Niger ( Ikeja compute village ) reveal different brands of power bank for mobile phone and the price is between 2500 and 35,000.

Price will be determined by the capacity and the producer of the power bank,

More so,power bank have their lifespan duration which cannot be more than 3 years before you start experiencing a major reduction in the charging output.

Power banks come in different color and sizes and the price is not determined by the size but based on quality and capacity.

The major problem you are likely to face when you buy a fake or substandard power bank will be listed below.

Charging and discharging problem: some power bank will work for few weeks before this sign shows up and it when it does you may have problem charging your post bank….the power bank may not charge and it may charge without any corresponding charging on the power bank.

Bad output port: the output Port that accommodate your phone charges sometime go bad with few months and the cost of repair may not be pocket friendly,furthermore the repair is highly unlikely to stand the test of time.Substandard casing : some power bank housing break and pill off quickly and this may result to a reduction in the life expectancy of the product.

Damages: We also have rear cases where power bank explode or damage mobile phone charging port or battery.

How to know original Power bank for your mobile phone

Buy from a trusted dealer: when you buy from a trusted dealer, you are likely to buy the right product for you use. Trusted outlets will want to keep thee names flying and the chances of buying substandard or fake power bank will be very low.Get information from previous users: many people have use one or two power bank In the past and they can tell which is good or bad. Knowing how their previously owned power bank work can help you decide on what product to buy.

Buy the right size: The size of your phone and the rate at which you want to charge should determine the size of power bank you want to purchase. To do not buy something that is too small or something that takes longer the to charge to be on a safer side.

Ask questions from the seller : some sellers also offer trusted power bank to customers that ask the right questions relating to what they want to buy. You can ask the seller the warranty period, duration for complete charging and problems that may arise in the use of a particular product

Beware of fake size and capacity: do not rate a power bank according to the size or the capacity written on the body. Many producer are know to inflate the capacity written on the body to attract buyers. When you see a power bank with 20,000 MAh capacity, don’t be surprise the real capacity maybe 5000mAh.

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