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How to seal a Leaking plasticĀ  water Tank

How to seal a Leaking plastic water Tank

A leaking plastic water tank will waste more water and you may have to pump water inside your tank on a regular interval to make up for the lost water.
depending on the rate of leaking… It’s actually not pleasant seeing your water tank leak when you can easily fix it and make the leaking stop completely. You don’t have to take it to the factory and it won’t cost you an expensive repair if you follow the guide that will be posted Below.


Firstly, you need to identity the reason for leak maybe it’s a natural occurrence or position of the tank…a water tank that is not well seated or having irregular sitting may leak if there is any sign of discomfort in the tank seat settings. So ensure the tank is well placed and arranged to avoid further damage.
Secondly the best method to fix a leaking tank is through melting of plastic on the surface of the leaking water tank with hot iron….
This will be done severely until desired result is achieved…..
You will also have to wait for 20 to 39 minutes for the tank to dry before pumping water into it.
moreso there are people who specialized in sealing broken or leaking plastic… They can fix your leaking tank at a cheaper rate.

What happen when you fail to seal your leaking water tank on time.

When such leaking occurs the location will determine what you are likely to expect next…some tank leaking hole will automatically increase as they are subjected to leaks on daily basis…the quickly you seal the leak the better for your water tank.

A tank that is beyond repair will need a complete replacement however you can get opinion from profession plumbers before making a decision.

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