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Is Nigeria university certificate recognised in other country

Studying in Nigeria is not an easy task and getting a job is a more difficult task and the economy of Nigeria was dump into recession A year ago before the country was officially declared recession free. The rate of unemployment still remain a major concern for the government and citizen of the country. More jobs are lost everyday, many are laid down from their job without any form of compensation and they thrown into the harsh economic atmosphere..

This has given rise to many people moving to other countries to chase a greener pasture and to get a better paying job. However the big question is that as a graduate in Nigeria.. Is your certificate worthy and recognise to get you a well paying job outside the shores of Nigeria..

The answer to this question is a big Yes and many that travel to other countries were able to secure job with their certificate obtained in a an accredited Nigeria institution. However you may have to take an exam to further give you the certification needed to work in abroad.

Today, we have many Nigerian doctors, nurses and accountants working in an oversee country after meeting their job requirements. Working in Nigeria is different in working in an oversee country based on the feedback from those who made this decision to leave the country and to get a job outside the shores of Nigeria many Years ago.

Many Nigeria lectures have also taken a teaching job outside the country and they are well paid compared to their numeration in Nigeria. Everyone deserve a better life and having one in Nigeria will discourage Nigeria citizens from moving to other countries to seek for job.. Presently millions are jobless and 100 of thousands are underpaid. Graduates are now encourage to take the spirit of entrepreneurship and to be a job creator and job seeker. It’s evident that the number of job seekers in Nigeria is more than the available jobs.

Having a degree on one hand and a skill on the other hand is a perfect blend to ensure a survival in the harsh Nigeria economy of today. There are so many job that are yet to be harvest and this will be discussed in our next article.

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