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Learning how to drive on Lagos/ibadan road – my experience

How I started my driving lesson on the ever busy Lagos/Ibadan express road and the experience I have gathered.

Lagos/Ibadan road is the most busy road in Nigeria today and it accommodate millions of cars and travellers everyday. The road is always busy for users and sometimes there are lots of traffic congestion on regularly basis.

Learning how to drive a car is not an easy task especially if you driving on lagos/Ibadan road for the very first time. The fear of not been hit by incoming trailer or speeding vehicle keeps ringing on my mind while sitting on the drivers seat without any support from an experience driver.

The number of accident cases recorded on this road as released by federal road safety commission in the last 2 years is quite higher however the accident cases has dropped tremendously in 2018.

Being a good driver require regular and constant driving….the more you drive the better you become. Soni made up my mind to driver on the most busy road in Nigeria. Please note that I have driven for weeks before hitting The road and my hand is well balance with the car steering. Do not drive on Lagos/Ibadan if you are still struggling with the car steering control.

(Learning how to drive on Lagos/ibadan road – my experience )

As I drive on this road…I moved to the service lane where the speed needed is less than 60 and i drove for few miles. It’s more advisable not to drive alone on this road as a learner however if you have an experience driver right by your side…you can proceed. You need the heart to drive without feeling any pressure or fear.

My driving experience was smooth,it was a Wednesday morning and the number of vehicle on the road are not quite much and driving on this road for this road for Tue first time open the gateway for me to drive on it till date. Using the Lerner sign will also help help other drivers to accommodate you driving flaws because there are assumption that all drivers on this road are more experience. If you could pass driving test on this road, you can drive on any road in Nigeria.

Some driving schools within this area also use the road to train those learning how to drive and you may find it more easy sitting in a car covered with learner sign and also an experience driver seated beside you.

The good news today is that I can now drive on this road without any fear or pressure and it has become part of me and this experience is not accumulated in day or month but Years.

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