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The cost of drilling a Borehole and Well in Nigeria

.Getting a clean water to drink and use is an essential need of a home and many are faced with the use of unclean water.

If you want to make a water system in your house in Nigeria there are only two option open to you.

Borehole or well…

The number of well water in Nigeria surpass that of borehole due to some factories but borehole water is considered to be more clean and better compare to a well.

The cost of getting a borehole varies from one location and the contractor involved however it’s speculated that borehole will not cost less than 100,000 .

The same is also applicable to well water…. The payment for drilling of the well and also payment for rings.. the deepness of the well will determine the number of rings that will be required.

Some well take 5 rings and some take upto to 10 to 13 rings depending on the deepness.

You can also place a pumping machine inside your well water to make your access to water more easier.

You need to consider the prices and your needs before deciding on which is best for you.

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