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Who is the king of Nigeria comedy – Bovi, basket mouth,Kenny black or others

Comedy has become a big business in Nigeria and Nigeria is blessed with Talented comedians who have organised shows within and outside the shores of Africa.

Over the last few years …many comedian has spring out of Nigeria and they have all made names for their self and the big question that remain unanswered is …who is the king of Nigeria comedy

Many believe it should be basket mouth but bovi fans disagree with thus statement and likewise akpororo followers are backing him to win the crown.

We also have Kenny black who is capable of turning music into comedy and ay who have the capacity to draw the highest crowd whenever he organise his comedy show.

Even godon, omo baba,are Also not left out.. Many of these comedian are doing well financially and trying to pick the best or the king among then might be an impossible mission.

As a reader ..who is your favorite comedian….?

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