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5 things that may affect your academic performance in school

Having a good grade in any examination or school come with a high price and you need a complete dedication to ensure you get maximum academic performance. Many have been academically successful and many failed consecutively and the means of achieving a positive or negative result solely rest in your hands.

The best way to ensure you have a good academic performance is to avoid some things that may slow or push you down.

1) Social media: social media is powerful tool that can make or break you and what you do on social media will surely reflect on your productive effort. Social media takes of much of time and giving us little or no time to take care of important things in our life. If you want to be academically successful… Use less of social media and ensure that 70% of your activities on social media is to gain more knowledge to support tour academic of career.

2) Movies: watching movie is great but limit the amount of time you sacrifice to watch your favorite movies.. Of you spend more than 10 hours weekly to watch movie there is need for you to readjust your activities. Time sacrificed on movie can be transferred and dedicated to education to get maximum result…

3) party: we all went to be in a friend or family party and this also take a big chunk of our time and e energy…attending a party is not a bad idea provided there is limit to the number of party you attend and you have sufficient time to prepare and study for exam. It’s better to miss many party and win an exam….

4) Sport and gaming: Gaming was design for different purpose and it has helped many to get away with boredom and gaming can be via PC,mobile or console however the most important thing is to give little time to gaming of you have great plan for your academic performance.

5) not creating Time: you may have all the time you need but not creating a time to read and study is the easiest way to fail and fail regularly. Failure is not attracted to any specific individual but those who never create time to defeat it. Providing and cresting time for academic will surely give you the need and expected outcome.

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