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How to win Tony Elumelu Grant in 5 minutes.

.One of the 1000 ways you can get a grant to start your business in Nigeria is through tony elumelu foundation, many entrepreneur in Africa have been able to setup their businesses through this concept. It’s a grant that is conducted once in year and there are 300 thousands applicants that partake yearly..

The registration and submission of business proposal is done online and successful applicants will be contacted .

Winning tony elumelu grant will surely give you the finance you need to promote or start your business. Many people with good business idea that are limited and constraints due to unavailability of cash to pursue their business dream should consider this great opportunity.

How to win Tony Elumelu Grant in 5 minutes.

There is no 100% guarantee secret however some tips will give you an edge over other participants who will be aiming to win the Tony elumelu grant.

1) Early submission: There are over 300,000 people that applied for tony elumolu grant last year and the successful applicants are likely to have been selected in the first 100,000 submission. Try as much as possible to be one of the first 20,000 applicants to submit your business idea to have a higher chance of being selected.

2) Submit a fresh and new business idea: There is need for you to creative and to think outside the box before submitting your business proposal, 75% of the submission on tony elumolu website are shared between 20 to 30 business. If you come up with a rere business idea,beautifully crafted and tabled..you will surely be considered.

3) Interview the previous winners

Having the privilege to speak with previous winners is an added advantage for you..there are some things which they did differently from others before they were selected. Tty as much as possible to ask question about the type of business, their operation,submission and use this when writing your own business proposal.

4) Submit Accurate information: in whatever you want to do always ensure that you submit an accurate and correct information to avoid getting into unnecessary issues that may deny you the grant after submitting a terrific business proposal.

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